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How fast will my car be?

Most swapped cars take between half a second and a full second off the donor cars’ quarter mile time. For example, a stock WRX is capable of low 14-second passes, and a stock RS with a stock WRX motor swap should turn in mid 13s. A stock STi motor swap will run in the mid-12s. We’ve even had one customer run low 11s on a mildly modified STi motor swap. Of course, your times will vary with the weight of the shell involved in the swap, along with driver skill.

What parts are needed for a motor swap?

This is a common, but complex question, so we’ve put together a separate page listing the components involved.

Can I maintain the car at any dealer?

Certainly – many of customers have brought their cars to dealers for service. Remember, all our cars are built entirely from OEM components. Feel free to drop us a line with any specific questions as to which parts you might need for a certain service.

What kind of upgrades are available for a swapped car?

Modifying a turbo Subaru is somewhat different than an NA one, so many of our customers are unfamiliar with which modifications are most popular. We advise our customers to steer clear of the common aftermarket intakes and blowoff valves, and to first upgrade the stock exhaust (including up-pipes on WRX swaps) and engine management system. Turbo cars will respond very well to a simple exhuast and tune. A good set of gauges to monitor the motor’s health are recommended as well. If these upgrades aren’t enough, the next step in modification is usually a turbo, injector, fuel pump and intercooler upgrade. Feel free to send us an email with any specific upgrade related questions.

How much do older Imprezas weigh?

One of the greatest advantages of the older Imprezas is their light weight. This weight can be felt in nearly every aspect of the car, improving everything from acceleration and braking to fuel economy and handling. The lightest, most basic GC Imprezas have a factory curb weight of 2400lbs, and the most luxurious 2.5 RS models tip the scales at 2850-2900 lbs. Keep in mind that turbo motors (with their heavy cats, and extra exhaust piping) can add 75lbs or so, and the heavy STi 6spd will tack on another 100lbs. Still, a swapped GC will come in well under the 3300-3400lbs a GD WRX or STi might weigh.

How long does a typical swap take?

For most projects, we try to plan for up to two weeks to complete the swap. While the actual swap itself only takes us around a week, we like to leave plenty of time to test drive and troubleshoot the car, so that the car is as reliable as possible when delivered. Even the most basic motor-only swap still involves stripping the dash to the firewall, removing nearly every front-end mechanical component, and dropping the gas tank, so its important not to rush the process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment, we accept cash, checks, money orders and bank wire transfers. We can also accept payment online and credit card payments through PayPal. Should you choose to pay through PayPal, however, we do ask that you cover the 3% fee they assess on the payment.

How do you get the newer motors that are swapped?

We source all our motors through a dismantler who buys exclusively WRXs and STis at auction, and then parts them through us. We recommend that you buy through this vendor for several reasons: first, he can guarantee that his setups include all parts necessary for a complete conversion (such as wiring harnesses, cross members, fuel tanks, etc). Second, he has the experience to determine which wrecked cars at auction contain parts in the best condition. Finally, his pricing is among the most competitive for complete, low-mileage setups.

Nearly all our replacement motor-sets are from 04/05 cars, and come in under 25-30k miles.

What happens to my old motor?

Typically, we hang onto the stock motor removed from a swapped car, to help cover our miscellaneous costs. Before we return a car, we have it professionally aligned, recharge the AC, and we also replace a number of fluids, gaskets and hardware pieces while the car is being assembled. The stock parts we collect from our projects go toward those costs. If you’d like to have your stock motor returned to you, you can pay us a nominal core charge instead.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive warrantee for up to 30 days on all mechanical components and six months on all electrical labor.

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